The Forest Version 0.37 Patch

Minimal verspätet – aber nun ist er seit wenigen Stunden auf Steam zum Abruf bereit. Der etwa 180mb große Patch auf Version 0.37 des beliebten Early Access Titels „The Forest“.

Eine wesentliche Änderung in dieser Version bezieht sich auf das Upgraden von deinen Waffen. Anstelle vom reinen Auftragen diverser Zähne und Baumharzes, kannst du nun gezielt den Look deiner Waffe bestimmen und hast volle Kontrolle über das Waffen-Upgrade.

Ein weiterer Fokus des Patches liegt darauf neue Partikeleffekte hinzufügen, die das Blut richtig schön spritzen lassen, wenn du mit deiner Axt mal wieder einen Gegner zerlegst. Neben den verbesserten Blutspritzern gibt es nun auch diverse Wassetropfen- und Feuer-effekte. Ausserdem wurden einige Items im Spiel komplett überarbeitet, zum Beispiel das Basic-Feuer, das Stein-Feuer und die Flamme des Feuerzeuges.
In den Höhlen (Höhle 6) wurden neue Passagiere (Anwälte) hinzugefügt. Sonst gibt es aktuell keine großen Neuerungen aber wie immer gibt es eine Vielzahl an Bugfixes, Verbesserungen und kleinen Änderungen, die das Spiel im allgemeinen flüssiger und besser machen.

Hier schon einmal die englische Originalvariante der Changelog von The Forest 0.37:

Allgemeine Änderungen und Bugfixes

  • Improved sinkhole cave door textures
  • Fixed lizard ragdoll distorting when dropped if carrying maximum amount already
  • Fixed partial ocean waves visible inside yacht when outside yacht
  • Fixed animation issues when picking up small rocks/tennis balls while blocking
  • Better yacht interior and exterior reflections
  • Fixed life preservers clipping in cave 10
  • Increased speed/aggressiveness of cowman mutant
  • Fixed player not taking fall damage while doing flying axe attack
  • Fixed block animation not showing correctly for remote players in MP
  • New art added: Timmy crayons
  • Cleaned up/improved some areas around beach cliff terrain
  • Improved player fall down injured animation
  • Added dynamic movement to new lighter and molotov flames
  • Increased speed and range that weapon will move away when close to a wall
  • (balance) Removed soda/meds spawning from dead mutant bodies
  • Cleaned up position of building buttons in book!
  • Enabled popups for resolution & preset options settings (should help setting things up on lower end hardware)
  • Enemy skull bag effigy added more pick up skulls
  • New art added: Dead lawyers 1 body, 2 heads. Court papers, suitcase etc
  • Cliff rocks will now appear wet/dark based on height of ocean
  • Ripped Practical Caver magazine version for survival book notes section
  • Current armor display in hud is now based on max amount of both armor and cold armor
  • Adding item to weapon rack structure now properly clears up cloth and/or fire
  • Increased water jump height slightly to make it easier to get onto raft while in water
  • New gameplay option: Crouch Mode (Hold / Toggle), default is hold (legacy feature)
  • New (outside) waterfall falling particles added!
  • Fixed offset between cursor and actual click position in menus
  • When having a healthy diet, weight now goes towards base value at a very slow rate (player no longer stays at a bad weight when being healthy and instead goes back to normal)
  • Rephrased lighter tutorial to be more generic and work with flash light as default light
  • Added another shelf to medicine cabinet
  • Improved positioning when placing ghost medicine cabinet
  • New snow particle effects added for mountain/snow area
  • Weather system now shows snow particles instead of rain if player is in snow area
  • Rock fences can now be used as support for floors and roofs !
  • Revamped floors to toggle between autofill and manual placement mode, by default in autofill floors will now show the ghost of whatever support is currently targeted and can be placed with E (or switch to manual placement with C to cherry pick each point like in legacy)
  • Increased hit trigger range of deadfall and swinging rock traps
  • Player now disconnects from logsled when falling from a height
  • Logsled no longer floats if pushed into sinkhole
  • new magazine/story item pick up added!
  • Revamped upgrade system: You now get to manually position your upgrades ! Start by making the upgrade recipe as usual, then rotate the item with Horizontal/Vertical input actions (WASD on keyboard by default), aim with mouse, and left click to place ! Repeat until all upgrade views are in place or right click to cancel upgrading
  • Upgrading system now tries to take items in inventory after ones from recipe have been used to keep placing until player quits upgrading
  • Fixed positioning of glass upgrade views
  • Increased book tab numbers readability
  • Added moss to enemy placed effigies
  • New molotov fire effect!
  • Moss added to plane hull shader. Moss will accumulate over the days eventually turning the plane moss covered
  • Cleaned up cook icon
  • Fixed some of the Dead Trees being uncuttable
  • Fixed upgrades not properly applying bonus + also fixes reloading flare gun with flares
  • New graphics option: SSAO Type ! Option are SESSAO (legacy) and the new HBAO (should render faster)
  • Recipe tutorial now goes away as soon as there is any valid recipe on the crafting mat
  • Having a burning weapon in right hand now counts as a light in regards of the equip light tutorial in caves
  • New crafting information page in book: Clothing !
  • Setup expand tabs for crafting and notes chapters of books
  • Poison arrow can no longer poison player when shooting while sprinting forward
  • Meat placed on drying rack by clients no longer goes away when client disconnects
  • Broken stalagmites should now react to cave floors instead of falling through them

Diverse Fixes

  • Fixed missing item throwing reticle
  • Fixed wall chunks replaced by a textured quad at a distance also getting cleared out of the navigation grid
  • Fixed umbrella effigy having single sided faces and improved shading
  • Fixed some items in enemy built effigies not being pickupable
  • Fixed thrown molotov missing fire
  • Fixed some navigation issues in between information chapters of book
  • Fixed meat on rack not properly syncing status updates with clients
  • Fixed held molotov blur breaking when camera moved
  • Fixed throwing unlit molotov at unlit fires lighting it
  • Fixed rain emitters not properly following player rotation
  • Fixed Alt tab breaking opening animation of crash
  • Fixed having a movement key pressed bringing mouse back to center of screen while in menu
  • Fixed fires turning huge if burnt out while culled then lit again
  • Fixed hole in player mesh visible to other players in MP
  • Fixed food & blood poisoning settings preventing it from being effective
  • Filled Waterskin now holds up to 2 full thirst replenishment and drinking from it is now based on exact amount so you can replenish as often as wanted without worrying of wasted amount
  • Fixed geese sometimes floating above water
  • Fixed blur on particles when pause menu is open
  • Fixed basic fire being on slight angle when placed
  • Fixed enclosed walls not properly storing data, causing stacked walls to not go all the way around
  • Fixed some issues with placing floors/roofs on non-flat walls, it now tries to cancel positions that are too far from the rest to try preventing floors from floating mid air, eventually cancelling autofill if not enough points remain
  • Fixed/improved uv’s on yacht interior


  • Fixed blocking animation cutting off for remote players
  • Fixed client picking up animal yields leaving a broken duplicate copy behind
  • Fixed picking up logs in holder while jumping causing it to vanish, it now properly drops the log
  • Fixed clients not seeing animals after an extended play time!
  • Fixed clients not getting logs from dead trees
  • Fixed jerky crocodile movement for clients
  • Fixed animals not aligning to terrain correctly as client
  • Fixed animation glitchiness when dropping bodies as client in MP
  • Clamped player velocity when pause menu or player menu is open
  • Fixed host sometimes appearing on angle for clients in MP
  • Fixed missing lighter texture on other players lighters
  • Fixed molotovs thrown from multi-thrower not breaking correctly for clients

Neue Craftingrezepte:

  • New craft recipe: Weak spear (stick x2)

Veränderungen an den Höhlen/Caves

  • Fixed cave 9 sinkhole entrance not being visible from above ground
  • adjusted some misaligned rocks in sinkhole
  • Fixed timmy drawing 2 in cave 1 not being pickupable
  • Fixed hole in cave 1 leaking light
  • Fixed holes in cave 10
  • Fixed various rock scale issues

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